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Track Fantasy

Winrate Analysis for Daily Fantasy Sports

Primary Tech: Rails, Javascript, React.js

The Problem: It's difficult to derive statistical insights from one's daily fantasy sports winnings.

Track Fantasy is a free app that lets competitive daily fantasy sports players upload their contest history and visualize their results over time, within categories, and as an aggregate of all their accounts.

Tracking this information would otherwise usually require complex Excel models and would still be difficult to track performance-over-time. TrackFantasy allows users to filter, sort, and search through their own data in an easy-to-use interface.

Challenges included handling performance issues as a result of users uploading hundreds of thousands of lines' worth of CSVs, fetching complex data from the database quickly and elegantly (UI-wise), and visualization of otherwise overwhelming amounts of data.

Track Fantasy was never launched for open consumption but was beta tested by a private group of users which include some of the biggest winners in the daily fantasy sports industry. Large Heroku bills forced Track Fantasy's shutdown, sorry!

  • No longer available.
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