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Daily Electronic Music Feed

Primary Tech: Rails, Javascript, React.js

The Problem: It's difficult to find great, new music.

EncoreBeat was created to help people consume the newest electronic dance music. Each day, new songs are published and users can listen to them directly on the site, as well as save (to a playlist), upvote, and (originally) comment on them. The underlying tech involved some React components and performantly querying and rendering submission, upvote-state, save-state, and user-contextual data to the end-user.

A fairly involved internal admin system was also created, as there are public moderators/admins who verify songs to publish onto the main page. To this end, an approval queue was created, as well as an admin chat to discuss various admin-related actions taken. A cron job also regularly updates the week's top 10 songs, initially used in marketing emails as well.

EncoreBeat was a pet project that soared to the #4 position on ProductHunt on the day of its launch in early Q4 2014, and in 4 months generated 25,000 plays and 240 registered users.

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